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Willow Smith, the 9 year old daughter of Wil & Jada Pinkett Smith has a song “Whip my Hair” that has taken the industry by storm, and your kids too. What do you think?

Willows dream is of course backed up by mommy and daddy who have the resources to indulge in your dreams by providing you with the platform to showcase your talent and spread it through the industry to the masses.

Many have concerns over the comparison she has with R&B singer Rihanna, who embellishes adult and racy behavior.

Since she is a child she has a wide open lane as a kiddie performer like Justin Beiber. Others believe the timing is perfect because little Black girls can really use someone they can identify with, though she is privileged, she still looks like them and that may go a lot further than we realize.

Listen and see what you think?