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New studies have shown that taking your everyday popular vitamin may not lead to the better health you had in mind. The most surprising elements to arise is what you think you may know to be truth may in fact only be a myth.

There were a few prominent misconceptions that surfaced over the true effects of taking a multi vitamin. First some of you may believe that taking such a pill make create a counter balance to having a bad diet. This is untrue. Researchers published new findings of a long term study that found data showing that multivitamin takers are no healthier that than those who don’t take the pills when it comes to having the bigger relevant diseases.

Also one of the most famous antidotes for the common cold as we were once taught is getting plenty of vitamin C. As it turns out vitamin C is no cold fighter at all. When you think back to all of that extra orange juice you may have consumed during the cold and flu season this may be a disappointing conclusion. These test and studies also reveal that taking an over the counter vitamin cannot prevent heart disease or cancer.

Other studies have also raised concerns that taking high doses of folic acid could raise the risk of colon cancer. Vitamins are safe when you get them in food, but in pill form, they can act more like a drug. This allows them to posses the risky potential for unexpected and sometimes dangerous effects.

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