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When Tiger found himself in a jam it was the golf club swing heard all around the world. Now that highly respected and duly noted Larry King joins this year’s list of adultery how will the media treat him? Is this perhaps a case of a player simply playing the cards he was dealt?

Larry had an affair with his wife Shawn Southwick’s younger sister Shannon Engemann. Yes you read right his cheated on his wife with her sister. One can only image his wife’s reaction once this darkness came to light. Boy oh boy, talk about a family feud on the way.

Now Larry has been a ladies man for a long time. His wife is the latest in a long line of martial failures. Larry King has been married seven times. Well one thing for certain no one can call him a quitter. A singer and TV personality, Southwick bragged on the couple’s 10-year anniversary in 2007 that she was the only one of King’s seven wives “to have lasted into the two digits.”

The couple is now headed to court and will file for joint custody of their two sons. In her dueling paperwork, Southwick asks for primary physical custody of the boys, spousal and child support and the couple’s main mansion. Since the television and radio host has never been shy towards trendy topics maybe he should book himself to be interviewed next on his show for a little Q&A.

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