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The snooze button – one of life’s simple pleasures. Every time it’s activated we get to avoid the woes of adulting just a few minutes longer. Whoever invented it must have known that alarm clock users around the world needed those extra moments in bed in the morning, or in the car during lunch break, or on the couch after Sunday brunch – more than likely from personal experience, I presume. Did they imagine, however, some would press it over and over again until reaching the least amount of time possible needed to get up without being late? Or that the Journal of Sleep Research would publish a study on its pros and cons? Or that I’d need to write an article on how to stop overusing it? Probably not. Yet here we are.

Snoozing is not inherently bad. In fact, that same JSR study lists more benefits than disadvantages of snoozing. But, if you find you’re needing help to stop smacking your phone quiet and rolling over back to sleep, here are five ways to avoid hitting the snooze button and get up at the first alarm.

1. Implement a Reward System

Tasks we love to hate – like waking up early – are less daunting when there’s a reward attached. One of the best ways to develop a discipline is to be incentivized. Get into the habit of waking up on time by giving yourself something every time you get out of bed at the first alarm. Coffee from your favorite cafe or a little extra time on social media, for example. Alternatively, if you more favorably respond to a subtractive discipline style, take away some of the conveniences you enjoy and allow yourself to earn them back when you don’t hit snooze.

2. Keep Your Alarm Away From the Bed

It’s pretty common to keep your phone plugged in on your nightstand for easy reach in case of emergency – and for easy snoozing. Placing your phone far enough so you’ll have to physically get up to turn off the alarm is a great way to avoid staying on it unnecessarily in the evening and prevent snoozing in the morning. Pro Tip: Keep it in the bathroom as that is usually the first stop after waking up.

 3. Use a Gentler Sound

Would you rather be woken up with banging pots and pans or a soft opening of the curtains, rub on the back, and gentle “time to wake up” from a loved one? I assume the latter gathered the most votes. If you’re rushing to hit snooze, perhaps it’s because the blaring alarm is disturbing you more than awakening you. Opt for a gentler sound that gradually increases volume to help you enjoy waking up and getting your day started.

4. Night Time Stretching

A great morning often starts the night before. Consider adding stretches to your evening routine to help relax your muscles before bed. Coupled with breathwork, stretching in dim light just before bed can calm your body, enhance peace, and create a serene headspace that allows for deep sleep. Getting into deep sleep faster and remaining there longer will likely eliminate the need to snooze.

5. Go to Sleep Earlier

Last but not least, and certainly not the easiest, the best way to stop hitting snooze so much is to go to sleep earlier. A full night’s sleep is beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit as it enables you to rest and reset. Avoiding the snooze button becomes easier when you’ve allowed yourself enough time to catch as much z’s as possible.

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