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September 14th (Tuesday) Needham Broughton High School located in Raleigh went under a code yellow community lockdown because of an apparent “threat,” according to the notification sent out by Principal Elena Ashburn.

Ashburn, started the robo-call sent, acknowledging that the students and staff are safe. Broughton’s parents were informed that the campus went on lockdown at approximately 8:35 a.m. “because of what has been deemed a threat to our campus.”

“We immediately notified law enforcement who arrived very quickly and are currently conducting an investigation, along with ensuring safety for our school,” the letter said.

Code yellow is identified as the closing and locking of the exterior doors locked, not allowing anyone to enter or exit the building. Students were instructed to remain in their first-period class until the lockdown was lifted. The follow-up informed parents that the campus is cleared around 10 am.

Raleigh Police told CBS 17 that a number called the school with the threat is the same number that’s made other threats used to make other threats to other schools around the country.

“After a thorough investigation, the Raleigh Police Department has determined that there is no credible threat to our campus, as the threat was tracked to have originated out of state. In addition, an area of the campus specified in the threat was swept with police dogs and declared to be safe,” Ashburn said.