The family of Michael Jackson feels betrayed by the 2 accusers of child molestation allegations against the pop superstar and the latest HBO documentary that is scheduled to air. Michael’s brother’s explained that they felt it would resurface at some point. So they say they weren’t entirely surprised to learn that a forthcoming HBO documentary […]

Police arrested a Texas teacher for having a sexual relationship with her adolescent male student. She claims his parents approved of the relationship.

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During Thursday's edition of NewsOne Now, guest host Van Jones and the day's panel of guests discussed the sentencing and the egregious disparities in justice this case has exposed when punishing politicians for wrong-doing.

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Domestic violence can be broken down into four different types of abuses: emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and financial abuse. Financial guru Deborah Owens discusses…

Sexual abuse is a real issue right in our own neighborhoods. Canton Jones recognized the need to get involved, especially in his hometown of Atlanta,…