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Michael Jackson Testifies At Trial

Source: Pool / Getty

The family of Michael Jackson feels betrayed by the 2 accusers of child molestation allegations against the pop superstar and the latest HBO documentary that is scheduled to air. Michael’s brother’s explained that they felt it would resurface at some point. So they say they weren’t entirely surprised to learn that a forthcoming HBO documentary would feature two of his accusers.

HBO announced Wednesday that it will air a special on Monday night in which Oprah Winfrey also interviews Robson and Safechuck .

The documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to a standing ovation, will air the abuse allegations of two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who had previously denied Jackson molested them and supported him to authorities and in Robson’s case, very publicly.

Robson, 36, and Safechuck, 40, both came forward as adults, first via 2013 lawsuits and later in the documentary, to talk about the alleged abuse, which Robson says started when he was 7, Safechuck when he was 10.

Both had previously told authorities there had been no abuse, with Robson testifying in Jackson’s defense at the 2005 molestation trial that ended with the superstar’s acquittal.