U.S. District Judge David Hittner announced a Jan. 23, 2017 trial start date for the wrongful death suit filed by Bland's family.

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With so many stories of African-Americans being abused by local law enforcement, shot by police, beaten by police and killed by police, it would seem…


A councilman in Prairie View Texas was arrested and Tased Saturday outside of his home by the same officers who arrested Sandra Bland.

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now's cameras were on hand for the Justice or Else rally and on Monday recapped the monumental event.

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Next month, TV One will premiere a new series called For My Man.

  Silent Sam’s monument on the campus of UNC in Chapel Hill has once again become the target for opposition demonstration. Police are investigating an incident after someone spray-painted the words “Who is Sandra Bland?” on the “Silent Sam” Confederate memorial.  You may remember, last month when Sandra Bland, a black woman, was arrested in Texas […]

Armed members of the New Black Panther Party marched outside of the Waller County Jail to protest the arrest and death of Sandra Bland

The death of Cleveland woman Ralkina Jones inside a Cleveland Heights jail cell late last month marked the third such passing of a Black woman while…

Sandra Bland's family announced the filing of a lawsuit against officials in Houston involved in her arrest and death.