The National Urban League‘s 38th annual “State Of Black America” report highlights that job creation in the country is of smaller benefit to Black and…

As the sluggish American economy continues to limp forward, many Black Americans from the public sector are getting pink slips. These layoffs are eroding much of what is left of the Black middle class.  A recent article in The New York Times says: “Jobless rates among blacks have consistently been about double those of whites. […]

New York — Peter S. Goodman at The Huffington Post has written an article on the effects of the recession on Black America in comparison to its affect on white America. Among white people, the unemployment rate dropped in December to 8.5 percent — hardly acceptable, but manageable were the government spending more to expand […]

  The average price for gas in North Carolina is back above $3 a gallon, and observers expect it to hit $4 by this summer. Drivers statewide are paying an average of $3.03 for a gallon of regular unleaded, while the national average is $3.07. The FuelTracker puts the average in Raleigh at $3.09 […]