Susan Rice Former US National security adviser issued a stern warning for Snoop Dogg after he seemed to threaten Gayle King about an interview where she mentions Kobe Bryant’s rape accusations. King says the network she works for showed the interview out of context, of which they have agreed and apologized for.  However, King […]

Dave Chappelle rarely does interviews, but recently opened up to Gayle King about his highly anticipated return to stand-up, walking away from Comedy Central and how he feels about “Key & Peele.” Chappelle is credited with pioneering sketch comedy on Comedy Central, in 2003, when he debuted The Chappelle Show, which parodied pop culture and […]

CBS News announces that Oprah will join '60 Minutes.' She will contribute several special segments.

In an interview with “CBS This Morning,” Rakeyia Scott told co-host Gayle King that she doesn’t believe officer Brentley Vinson fatally shot her husband last month. In the interview, Scott doesn’t say who she believes killed Scott. “Officer Vinson, I don’t believe shot my husband,” Rakeyia Scott said. “Because of the positioning when the shooting […]

The changes won’t likely take place until early next year, when construction is complete on the new studio.King isn’t replacing anyone, but joining current hosts Erica Hill and Jeff Glor. Chris Wragge, who joined “The Early Show” last January, is still a toss up, however. Also to join the crew is Charlie Rose, who will […]

WCHB – Florida Representative Kelli Stargel has submitted a controversial ideal for education reform, suggesting that teachers should grade parents just like the grade students. She explains: “We have student accountability, we have teacher accountability, and we have administration accountability. This was the missing link, which was, look at the parent and making sure the […]

Since Oprah announced that she will exit her talk show in 2011, after 25 years, there have been talks of who will replace her.