A new report from Duke University says attending church often can lead to weight gain, particularly among black men. Research from Duke’s Samuel DuBois Cook Center for Social Equity shows black men who attended church almost daily were almost three times more likely to be obese than those who rarely or never attend. The […]

In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about her ongoing struggle to consistently exercise and take care of her body. She talks about how sometimes, she feels tempted to skip a work out, especially when she has traveled or has to do the radio show at odd hours. But, she says, the other night she was […]

We know y’all love to complain about drinking water. Well, Yolanda Adams has an alternative for you! Listen to the audio player to hear her special tea…

There is absolutely no way around this – losing weight is hard work. Impossible, no. Hard. Yes. But thankfully, there are three things you can…

The weight-loss process can be a tricky one. Having a great attitude can make or break your journey's progression. Check out episode 3 of The Final 30.

Men’s Health just released their list of the “Fattest Cities In America and the usual suspects made the list.