Dr. Conrad Murray, 60, has been released early from jail after serving two years of a four-year sentence for his role in the death of…

The doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson has been sentenced to the maximum term of four years behind bars. Listen to the sentencing. 

Dr. Conrad Murray was talking on the phone and texting in the hours and minutes leading up to Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest, according to phone records presented Monday at the doctor’s manslaughter trial. Top 10 Conrad Murray Facts You Didn’t Know The records presented by prosecutors indicate that two cellphones registered to Murray were in […]

Los Angeles — Conrad Murray, the physician accused of injecting Michael Jackson with a lethal amount of sedatives, was ordered to stand trial on a count of involuntary manslaughter. According to TMZ, Judge Michael Pastor then ordered the suspension of Murray’s license as a condition to the doctor’s bail. E! Online reports that Murray has […]

Los Angeles – The distraught girl, just 11 at the time, apparently fell to her knees, broke down in tears and screamed: “Daddy.” In the few traumatic seconds she was in the bedroom with brother Prince, 12, she witnessed Jacko lying motionless on his bed with his mouth open as Dr Conrad Murray performed chest […]

Murray’s legal team wants to re-test the fluids to determine the accuracy level of the Propofol found in Jackson’s body.

Joel Osteen reaches out to the Dr. charged in Michael Jackson’s death, for a private prayer.