Paris Jackson is reportedly receiving support from a surprising source a day after her failed suicide attempt: Dr. Conrad Murray (pictured), her father’s doctor. RELATED:…


Katherine Jackson (pictured lower right) reportedly left a courtroom in tears Thursday, when lawyers analyzed an e-mail from a “This Is It” tour director about…

  Conrad Murray’s legal team could not convince the California Attorney General that Murray would not be a flight risk if given a pass to get out of jail early. Murray was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Murray’s team argued that if let out he would live with his girlfriend and […]

Dr. Conrad Murray has admitted giving Jackson the anesthetic propofol — the drug deemed the chief cause of his death — as a sleep aid but he denies involuntary manslaughter or gross negligence. Murray’s treatment of heart patients at his practices in Las Vegas and Houston was the focus of testimony at his trial in […]

The panel of seven men and five women includes one man who said he briefly met Jackson when he worked at Walt Disney Co in the 1980s when the singer was starring in the “Captain EO” film that was a Disney theme park attraction, reports Reuters. That juror told attorneys he could approach the trial […]

Lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray want to show jurors just how worn down Michael Jackson was in the weeks leading up to his death — and their proof … MJ’s blowout announcement for the “This Is It” concerts, reports TMZ. MiJac held the news conference on March 5, 2009 … announcing he would perform his […]

A key witness in the Conrad Murray trial has disappeared without trace, according to sources at TMZ. Tim Lopez, a former pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas who testified he shipped massive amounts of Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray in the weeks leading to Jackson’s death. Prosecutors are urging a judge to let […]