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Katherine Jackson (pictured lower right) reportedly left a courtroom in tears Thursday, when lawyers analyzed an e-mail from a “This Is It” tour director about her son’s health.

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In the message, John Houghdahl, the stage manager for “This Is It,” Michael Jackson’s (pictured center) comeback tour, worries about Jackson’s failing condition. The message was addressed to Randy Phillips, the head of AEG Live, the concert giant promoting the tour:

My laymen’s degree tells me [Michael] needs a shrink to get him mentally prepared to get on stage and then a trainer to get him in physical shape.”

I have watched him deteriorate in front of my eyes over the last eight weeks. He was able to do multiple 360 [-degree] spins back in April. He’d fall on his a– if he tried it now.

“It was pretty upsetting for her [Katherine]. She hadn’t seen a lot of that stuff,” lawyer Brian Panish told the Daily News.

Jackson’s condition was noted on June 19, 2009, six days before his death. Panish questioned AEG General Counsel Shawn Trell about the e-mail, implying that the eight-week deterioration coincided with Dr. Conrad Murray’s employment on the tour.

Murray is currently serving four years in prison for giving Jackson a fatal overdose of propofol to help him sleep. AEG lawyer Jessica Stebbins Bina later asked Trell if any e-mails raised concerns about anesthesia or medications. Trell noted he didn’t know of any.

When asked what Houghdahl’s suggestions for Jackson were, Trell said, “Something about him [getting help to be] mentally prepared and getting a trainer to get him physically in shape.”

Trell also denied that Jackson died from being sick.

Katherine Jackson is currently suing AEG, alleging they failed to supervise Murray while he cared for her son. AEG denies any wrongdoing, saying Jackson hired Murray and hid his propofol use.

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