Colin Powell

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell says he will cross party lines and cast his vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Powell announced his decision during a luncheon to a Long Island group. Powell, served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. Read more at

Retired Republican four-star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell has little to no respect for his party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to newly released emails hacked from his private account. In comments about Trump in a June 17, 2016, email to Emily Miller, a journalist who once worked under Powell as a deputy press secretary […]

President Obama and The First Lady gracefully cover the October issue of Essence Magazine for a farewell issue, set to hit newsstands on September 9.

In this week's edition of the Congressional Black Caucus Message to America, Representative Yvette Clarke pays homage to the contributions of America's foreign-born sons and daughters with a primary focus on those who have parentage from the Caribbean.

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell’s (pictured) Facebook page was reportedly hacked, according to Gawker,. SEE ALSO: Retired Boxer Tony Martin Fatally Shot In Philly On…

In a ‘No Spin’ interview with General Colin Powell, Bill O’Reilly insinuated  that Powell engaged in identity politics by voting for President Barack Obama. O’…

Colin Powell is a republican and was the first African American Secretary of State, serving under former President George W. Bush, and is now sounding off about his own party’s bias. Powell tells “Meet the Press” that some “former governors” are guilty of using racist statements when referring to President Barack Obama.  He points out […]

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are “as American as apple pie,” during a recent interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan. Powell said that even though his parents didn’t make much while he was growing up in New York, they were able to find stable work, unlike many people who […]

LONDON-Colin Powell, the former Secretary Of State under President George W. Bush has called on the CIA and the Pentagon to answer questions about how they passed false information regarding weapons of mass destruction that was used during his speech to the U.N. The American Foreign Press reports: “It has been known for several years […]