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    Callie Douglas

    I have been a North Carolinian citizen all my life.  For fun I pretty much like anything that has a sense of adventure associated with it.  My hobbies are dancing, singing, laughing and watching romantic movies.  I am a kid at heart and feel that most people take themselves much too seriously.  I have long given up waiting to change from my childlike fascination of life, I will constantly be amazed with the human existence on this big blue ball called Earth so loved by God.

    My career has been a series of twist, turns and unbelievable encounters.  As a radio personality I have been afforded the opportunity to see one of my dreams come true.  I have been in the media arena for well over twenty years.  I am a serious ham and I love to entertain people.  My dream is to have my own TV talk show; I am genuinely fascinated with people.

    My family is my biggest success; I am blessed to have an adoring husband and three wonderful daughters.  They are my anchor.  I have been married for nearly thirty years and my daughters have exceeded anything I have done academically.  I can hardly believe that I have been blessed in such a magnificent way to have such a loving and devoted family.

    I consider it all joy that I am a part of The Light 103.9’s on air staff and thank God each and everyday for an opportunity to share in His music ministry.

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    Steve Jake

    Steve Jake

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    Steve Jake is a product of the area, a native son. Steve  was raised in Durham, NC where his passion for radio began at a young age. The journey began at NCCU on the student radio station AudioNet with a 3 hour show 3 nights a week. From there God lead him to several smaller station where he played vital roles, all of which prepared him for the opportunity here with Radio-One. SteveJake is happily married to his high school sweetheart and they share two handsome young boys. He credits his entire family for shaping and molding him into the individual he is today, and knows that they are the backbone to his career. He’s excited about God’s plan for his future and humbled to be a vessel. SteveJake believes “His Best is Yet to Come.”

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