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Congratulations to the March Pastor of the Month, Pastor Bernistine Royal  of New Beginning and Deliverance Center in Wilson, NC.  Here’s more about our new Pastor of the Month.

We at New Beginning and Deliverance Center in Wilson, NC …would like to nominate our Pastor Bernistine Royal as Pastor of the month. She is a Great and Mighty Woman of God, a prayer warrior and a prophet who honors God with her entire life and speaks God’s Truth through His Word. She represents Christ to the best of her ability. God is the head of her life and the life that she lives before her church and her community resonates with the heart of Christ. For fifteen years Pastor Royal ran an organization called Women of the Word. This organization allowed her to pray, intercede and minister to others through her gift of prophecy. Pastor Royal has always been an intercessor on behalf of her whole community going from house to house and church to church all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To this very day people who know her or have heard of her call on her to intercede for them on their behalf; to receive a word from heaven. For twenty-six years she worked at Clinton Dialysis Center where she not only cared for her patients but also prayed for them. Some of those patients still call on her today to pray for them because they know she has a personal relationship with God. Pastor Royal came off her job at the Dialysis Center in faith and obedience to the voice of God in order to become a full-time Pastor. In doing this she showed her faith, trust and reliance on God and His promises to provide her every need. Pastor Royal now spends her time caring for her grandchildren, interceding through prayer and supplications for anyone and everyone who