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Source: Michel Tcherevkoff / Getty

Saturday a ST. LOUIS, Missouri man made a shocking discovery inside the freezer of his mother’s apartment. Adam Smith said he recently moved into his mother’s apartment to help her after she was diagnosed with cancer. Smith’s mother passed away last week and he started going through her belongings. When he inspected  the freezer he saw a box. He said the box had been in a freezer ever since he was a kid but his mother always told him what was in the box was none of his business.

Smith thought a frozen wedding cake or something similar was in the box. What he found was shocking. Smith said, “There was a pink blanket, baby blanket and when I reached down and touched it, I could feel a foot,” “I could see the baby’s head with hair. The hair was still attached.” Sources said that the police responded and are investigating what they consider to be a suspicious death. Smith said he’s distraught and has so many questions. Read the full story in the link below.