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Source: Toyota Motor North America / Toyota Motor North America

After her Toyota was stolen, Danielle Reno from Missouri, filed a police report and started her own search for her vehicle.

Reno said the ordeal started at a gas station near her home.  “I got out of the Toyota 4Runner for two seconds and grabbed my daughter, turned around and my car was gone,” Reno told KCTV in Kansas City.

The thieves also took her cellphone, cash and credit cards, and that’s how Reno was able to track the thieves.

Reno said, “We stalked this lady literally for 48 hours,”…. “She had no idea what we were doing.”

Reno traced the activity of her cellphone and purchases on her credit cards and was able to track the location of the robber.

She tracked the thieves to an Applebee’s. Once she saw them go inside, she walked back to her car and stole it back.

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