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According to Columbia S.C. police a man kidnapped and killed a University of South Carolina female student who mistakenly got into the man’s car thinking it was her Uber ride. Saturday night Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook announced that 24-year-old Nathaniel David Rowland is charged with murder in the death of 21-year-old Samantha Josephson.

Holbrook said “Our hearts our broken,”  “there is nothing harder than to stand before a family and explain how their loved one was murdered.”  Police Chief Holbrook said Josephson, a senior political science major from New Jersey, had been hanging out with friends between 1:30 and 2 a.m. Friday morning at The Bird Dog at 715 Harden Street in Five Points. She somehow got separated from her friends, and decided to get an Uber ride through her phone.

Holbrook said Rowland saw a black Chevy Impala pull up to the curb, thought it was her ride, and at 2:09 a.m., got into the back of the vehicle. Holbrook said that was not the car she was waiting for.  Several hours later, Rowland’s roommates, who all lived with her at The Hub high-rise in downtown Columbia, were concerned about her whereabouts and called police when they could not reach her. Read the full story in the link below.



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