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Congratulations to Pastor Benjamin Morris Jr. of Ambassador Cathedral on being voted our March Pastor of the Month.

Stay tuned for the Powerminute featuring Pastor and a date will be announced soon when we will visit Ambassador Cathedral  at 405 S. Briggs Ave. in Durham

Here’s what a member had to say about Pastor Bejamin Morris Jr. :

Pastor Morris, in my eyes, of my spirit, is a man after God’s own heart. Moving to Durham, I have been at several churches, but none can compare to the spiritual growth, I have received at Ambassador Cathedral. Before I became connected to the way of streets, I was a beautiful garden within. But after a while doing things of the world, within my beautiful garden was a hot mess. Going to churches before Pastor Morris, my garden within, some flowers were flourishing, but there was still a mess. Being in the flock of Ambassador Cathedral, some changes were becoming complete inside. I have the DESIRE to want to learn more of God’s word, the DESIRE to hear his words more, feeling energetic within. Now, after a year I look back and see how God has worked and still is working within me. My garden within, is forming spiritual character, flourishing with many flavorful colors. I love me!!! I feel the beauty within. Because of my Pastor Morris being my shepherd, with God’s true Words as his guide for me, has regenerated my growth within!!! Pastor Morris is as humble and meek as they come as a Pastor of Christ. He stands by the Word, with his whole heart and soul. A man after God’s own heart, describes him best. My spirit and was a dying soul, my garden within surrounded with thorns!!! Now, not where I want to be but THANK GOD for Pastor Morris, I am not where I use to be. Within, I am experiencing the true love of God, personally, a beautiful, sweet aroma that I can’t get enough of. I want MORE!!! of this spiritual walk with my God, and I THANK my God for my Pastor Morris!!!

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