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“When you’re brought back and then in essence die a second time and be brought back, to me, that’s like an exclamation point from God, like there’s more for me to do yet”… that’s what Bob Stewart, a Fuquay Varina resident had to say about his near death experience.

Earlier this week he was reunited with a group of Wake County first responders who gave him a new shot at life by resuscitating him twice.

“Mr. Stewart he was just pulseless. He wasn’t breathing. He was just pulseless on the ground,” said Matthew Nelson, a first responder.

Stewart says he doesn’t remember much from Nov. 18. “I remember like little snippets – 10 seconds here, 15 seconds there,” he said.

The last thing he recalls is helping set up for church at Fuquay-Varina High School. “As I’m walking off the trailer, I went out,” he said.

A bystander who was in the right place at the right time started CPR to give Stewart a fighting chance. And then, a group of Fuquay-Varina firefighters arrived.

Part of Stewart’s new lease on life is working on organizing a CPR class with his church to teach others these life-saving techniques. Wake EMS also offers free hands-only CPR classes.