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Melissa talked with national recording artist Anthony Adeion Hill about his new single and her “pick hit of the week” – “Hold On.”


I would like to say thank you to all of the  Radio Angles across this country for playing and supporting my New Single “HOLD ON” , it’s been some 22 years since I dropped a project, but there’s a powerful story/testimony behind it all, through many danger seen and unseen danger, I have already come, but only by the grace of God, I’m back ready to pick up where I left off, people are hurt and hurting people are hurting others, our youth are on the path of self destruction, the world has no fear of God and his second coming, my heart goes out for souls, there losing hope and there at the end of there rope, I pray that this message in song will help heal in some way another, I can truly sing and minister about it, because I’ve been there, and when God pulled me through and out of it , this is what he gave me to write “HOLD ON”, I know it will be a blessing to the world, because this is what was spoken by the Lord to me to deliver to the world, I ask if you would, address the artist name as written Anthony Adeion Hill, this is how we’re promoting it, again thank you all who help spread the gospel through song, I am much appreciative, and if  you would like to set up a interview with myself or do the station prompts feel free to reached to my Booking and Information Line @ Jantina’s Music Ministry 770-865-7591, I look to hear from you guys real soon, Love Because of Calvary, Anthony Adeion Hill.