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What If Your Unwed Pastor Was Pregnant?  That’s exactly what’s happening to a Pastor in New York.  Pastor Desiree Allen is pregnant with twins by her fiance Tony Elder and posted her due date on Facebook.

Christian Today reports that she is neither sorry nor ashamed but happy about her promises.

Allen serves as the pastor of arts and spiritual formation of First Corinthian Baptist Church in New York and the director of Harlem’s The Dream Center.

After revealing her pregnancy to staff, she said the response she got shocked her.

“In a moment I will never forget, our executive pastor had the staff encircle around me and they begin to pray,” she began saying. “A noise that can only be described as a wail left my mouth and I broke—to the point of needing a chair to sit in. I broke in the most beautiful way possible. In the breaking I was free. That ugly Jesus cry released every anxiety, fear and worry holding me down. They promised to protect me and support me. In that moment I saw God. It was a moment that transcended boundaries or judgment. It was pure love. I felt free.”

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