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On Wednesday, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton‘s teams declared victory in the Vice Presidential debate held Tuesday night in Virginia.

Clinton’s camp, in particular, wasted no time going after GOP Governor and Trump runningmate Mike Pence‘s denials regarding some of the inflammatory things Trump has said.

Roland Martin shared with his panel of guests on Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, “It’s a little hard when you are in a debate and you shake your head and you say ‘No, no he didn’t say that,’” when all the Clinton campaign has to do is replay video of Trump’s remarks.

“Mike Pence straight lied in denying all of those things he (Donald Trump) said,” continued Martin.

Instead of addressing Trump and Pence’s variation on the truth, Gianno Caldwell, Sr., Contributor for Red Alert Politics, said Pence “did a tremendous job – CNN polls show that he won the debate.” 

Martin interjected, citing the Clinton campaign ad highlighting the inconsistencies between the truth and what Pence considers to be the truth.

Caldwell responded to the campaign ad (which can be seen in the video clip above) and said, “When we look at the full picture and scope of that entire debate of this entire election cycle, we’ve seen Hillary Clinton lie for 16 months and the FBI prove that in an investigation.”  

The strategist also shared his belief that Pence’s embellishment of the truth is not something that will sway undecided voters to support Clinton.

Tiffany D. Loftin called Pence’s aversion to the truth during Tuesday night’s event “laughable.” She then questioned whether or not the GOP vice presidential nominee knew what he signed up for when becoming Trump’s runningmate.

Pence, “you’re not doing a very good job at defending that person,” she said.

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s exaggeration of the truth in the video clip above.


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