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Colin Kaepernick displayed peak levels of wokeness Thursday night as he continued his protest against the mistreatment of Blacks and minorities in America by sitting out the National Anthem.

Twitter erupted with #KapSoBlack after the 49ers quarterback walked out onto the field for Thursday night’s game against the San Diego Chargers sporting a full blown-out afro. Twitter user @MoreAndAgain started the hashtag to document the moment, which resonates with many Black Americans. While many pointed out the misspelling of Kaepernick’s name, that didn’t stop it from going viral.

Kaeperenick appeared to change his physical position by taking a knee instead of sitting during the National Anthem. Prior to the game, ESPN reports Kaepernick spoke with Nate Boyer, a former green beret and football player who wrote an open letter to him. Kaepernick’s teammate Eric Reid, who was also at the meeting, took a knee alongside him to show solidarity. Kaepernick and Reid hugged Boyer, who was standing next to them on the sidelines, as they got up.

Miles away in Seattle, Jeremy Lane, a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, also sat during the National Anthem before his team took on the Oakland Raiders.

We gathered the best tweets and memes from #KapSoBlack below. We’re waving the red, black, and green flag for you, Kaep! Power fist up.



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