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Charlotte Muslim Leaders

Source: Ron Holland / Ron Holland

The national discussion over America’s national security has devolved into dangerous rhetoric that is being driven by Donald Trump and his fellow Republican Presidential candidates. Muslim leaders throughout the country, including here in Charlotte are essentially forced to respond to the Islamaphobia that’s sweeping the nation. To date, there has been 63 attacks against mosques, Islamic centers and individual Muslims throughout the country. Despite calls by political and religious leaders to tamp down the negative rhetoric, Islamaphobes are still using the cover of darkness to express their racial and religious hatred. Although Muslim leaders have strongly condemned the terror attack in San Bernadino and other places, it apparently means very little to individuals bent on vandalizing a mosque or intimidating Muslim women. In Part 2 of this show, ‘COMMUNITY VOICES‘ host Ron Holland wrapped up a provocative discussion with Imam Jabril Muhamin, Assistant Imam of Masjid Ash-Shaeed of Charlotte,  Student Minister Corey Muhammad of Muhammad’s Mosque 36 – Charlotte and Lula Dualeh, Community Activist, 3rd Vice Chair of the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party and child of Somolian Refugees.



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