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So Who Are You? Not What You Do!

Last week, I was listening to my brother Matthew L. Stevenson III on Periscope who asked a very simple question, that required much thought.  He asked, So who are you? Not what do you do?

This is a really good question as our world has becomes more self absorbed and less focused on God’s Word.

In the world we are living in today, people who don’t know who they are, often become the things they have been through.

Some people have even become who they are based on the response of what others have said or even someone’s behavior to them.

Some people allow false identities of themselves, because they want to be accepted or simply be apart of a group.

But for us to become who we really are, we need to be paying attention and listening to the VOICE of God.  He is the one, who will reveal to you what you need to hear.  He is the one, who created you in the first place and why you were allowed to be born.

So think about it.  WHO YOU ARE and WHY God Created you and Blessed you with Certain Gifts and if you are using them for the GLORY of GOD?…OR NOT…

After you do that…

Read the FOLLOWING slowly and focus on the words as you read it… (It might also help if you act like you are pointing to someone else and then pointing to yourself when appropriate. It will open your eyes!

“If I (point to yourself) don’t Know WHO I am, AND you (Point away) act as if you do,

Then YOU are a Threat to my Security, to my confidence and to what I believe and what’s possible about me.

But as a result,  my jealousy could be born, from my lack of my identity.

So, I end turn, attack you BECAUSE of what you know what about you and I’m still trying to figure about me.

So then, you BECOME an enemy to me,

Because your matter of FACT Behavior, and

Because of who you are and where you’re going, reminds me of where I’m NOT

Words by Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III, Founder and Cutting Edge Visionary of All Nations Worship Assembly of Chicago..

Bottom line…Simply answer this question….Are you living up to who God created you to be, OR below what He has destine or ordained for your life?  Are you living to please man or God?

Take some time to think about this and listen to what God is telling you!

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