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Girl, aged 3, fixes bicycle

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The Bicycle Man’s charity are receiving donations now but Moses Mathis’ widow Ann says to be careful of scammers who are collecting money using their cause.

Ann says, “People (are) using my name without my permission.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mathis received a call from a friend saying a man was toting a black bucket and soliciting donations on behalf of the charity, saying “We’re keeping this business going.  This friend knowing Mathis thought this was strange and reported it.

Ann says this is not her charity or anyone working with her charity and warns givers.   “I know it’s Christmas time and everyone is needy, but I don’t have anybody out there collecting money for the Bicycle Man.”

There is a donation drive on Saturday in Apex. It’s happening from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Peak United Methodist Church on North Salem Street.

Ann hopes to give away at least 1,000 bikes this year but needs particularly children’s bikes – 20 inches or smaller for girls and boys.

This years giveaway is scheduled for Dec. 19th at 9am at 1800 Wynfare Drive.  Kids that receive the bikse must be pre-approved through their school’s first.

Anyone interested in donating bikes can contact Mathis at 910-424-3083 or visit