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Bishop Ronald Sharpe

Source: Powerhouse Church of Jesus Christ in Raleigh / Powerhouse Church of Jesus Christ in Raleigh

Congratulations to Bishop Ronald Wayne Sharpe of Powerhouse Church of Jesus Christ – 1130 N. Blount St. in Raleigh, NC on being our Sept. Pastor of the Month.  Bishop Sharpe will be featured on, and The Light 103.9. And on Sunday Oct. 4th at 11am service join Steve Jake as we present Bishop Sharpe with the Pastor of the Month Plaque.  The Pastor of The Month is brought to you by Allstate Insurance and the Tony Lee Agency and The Light 103.9. Honoring our local Pastors we are The Light 103.9!

The Light’s September Pastor of the Month brought to you by Allstate Insurance and the Tony Lee Agency

Bishop Ronald Wayne Sharpe is well deserving of pastor of the month because of his tremendous love and encouragement towards people. He is the founder and pastor of Powerhouse Church of Jesus Christ, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina. Bishop Sharpe is a powerful vessel dedicated to serving the people of God. No matter what life throws his way, you will always find him smiling and loving up on God’s people. He goes above and beyond to win souls for Christ, even outside of the pulpit. His mission is to bring people to Jesus, build them up to maturity, train them for ministry, send them out on missions, and glorify God in the process.

He is a Tarboro, North Carolina native and is married to Marjorie White Sharpe who works alongside him in the ministry as Pastor. They have two children, Youth Pastor Martia Sharpe and Jonathan Sharpe—both great assets to Gods Kingdom.

Bishop Ronald W. Sharpe graduated from Tarboro High School and studied communication at Shaw University. But while in college, Bishop Sharpe stopped pursuing his life’s dream to fulfill his God-given purpose. God said, “Feed my sheep” and he obeyed.

Powerhouse started with prayer meetings on the campus of Shaw University 33 years ago and it continues to grow strong at 1130 North Blount Street where Bishop Sharpe is leading 2 services every Sunday, 8am, 11am and Sunday school.

Bishop Ronald Wayne Sharpe is a pastor after God’s own heart. He is also a man of prayer, faith, and humility with a vision to “produce a praying people through humility and faith, who will bring healing to the land and become masterpieces for the glory of God.”


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