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Stephen Colbert is more than a nice guy. Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,  his first interview since his son Beau succumbed to cancer this spring, was a deeply spiritual and tear-jerking moment. Stephen connected to Mr. Biden on a deeply reverent and spiritual way. The demeanor of talk show host was replaced with the love of a Christian for another.

In a recent interview for ‘Salt And Life‘,  Stephen revealed his motivation and philosophy for life. He is a devoted practicing Catholic. Fr. Thomas Rosica asked him about making fun of the church, Colbert said he wouldn’t stop just because he has a bigger platform:

“I mean I’ll still make jokes about the church, I’ll make jokes about anything… as long as you’re not being malicious, I don’t think you can leave anything off the table,It wouldn’t feel right for me, it wouldn’t feel good for me, it wouldn’t be obeying my own conscience, I suppose, to make jokes about the sacraments, or specifically the Eucharist… a nacho cheese Eucharist joke… not. I mean, the church is an important part of my life, I would be crazy if I didn’t make jokes about it.”

You can watch the interview below in which Stephen discusses the influence God has in his life.

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