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Shooting In Lower Manhattan Federal Building

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Authorities said a police officer was shot and critically wounded Monday after he responded to a call regarding a suspicious person and showed up at the wrong house.  According to DeKalb County police Chief Cedric Alexander the homeowner was also shot in the leg and his dog was killed in what is being called a complicated shooting.

The chief said officers fired their weapons however it’s not clear if the homeowner had a gun.  Alexander said his department would normally handle the investigation since there were no fatalities involved, but due to the unusual situation, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was also asked to look into it.

According to Alexander the situation occurred like this: Around at 7:34 p.m. a neighborhood resident called 911 to report a suspicious person and described a home to the dispatcher. Three officers arrived at a house that fit the description the caller gave 911.

The officers went around the back of the home and discovered that a screen door and a rear door were unlocked.  The officers had just entered the home when the gunfire broke out however it is unknown who fired and who did not.

An officer lost a lot of blood due to a gunshot wound in the leg and he was rushed to the hospital where he was undergoing surgery. The homeowner was also taken to the hospital.

The girlfriend of the homeowner was at the home at the time of the shooting and called 911.  According to the Associated Press Derek Perez claims he’s the one that reported the suspicious person.

Perez said he was walking his dog when he saw a man knock on a neighbor’s door and then just stand in the yard. He also said then he heard a loud noise, a dog barking and didn’t see the suspicious man anymore.

Perez said there had been break-ins in the neighborhood recently, so he called 911.  Just as he was about to go into his house, he heard the gunshots, but they didn’t come from the house where he had reported the suspicious person.

Police are still investigating whether there was a burglary at the home where the suspicious person was seen. At this time all three officers have been placed on administrative leave.


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