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If you prioritize your relationship with your spouse, it will end up giving you the result that you desire: Your kids will feel secure, safe, and in the end, will feel like they are the most important thing in your life.

One of the greatest takeaways from my parents’ lifelong romance was to set priorities in the proper order: God first, then spouse, after the spouse the kids, and then everything else. No doubt they had a unique perspective, having been in love with each other since Dad was five and Mom was three.

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Legion are my memories where the three boys were with Mom and Dad going to fancy restaurants, taking long coastal drives, spending the day at far away beach cities, shopping for antiques, fishing, spending a Saturday at an auction house, hanging out at their workplace (they always worked together), and going with them wherever they wanted to go.

Here are a few interesting facts  about marriage you should know.

    • Scientists theorize the difference has more to do with anthropology than biology: Men look for fertility features in women, and since women can’t judge fertility in men by physical appearance, they must remember certain characteristics that will determine if he will be a good mate.
    • Marrying someone with similar cultural and religious values increases the success rate of the marriage.
    • Education level taken by itself, increases proportionately the success of a marriage.
    • If both spouses are from divorced parents, they are three times more likely to divorce, than if both spouses parents had stayed together. The changes of divorces however are reduced dramatically if one of the spouses came from parents who never divorced.

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