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Ruth LaOntra will be one of the artist performing at this years Unity in the Community Outdoor Music Festival.  Here’s more about her.

Listen to her interview with Melissa:


 Ruth La’Ontra’s describes herself as a miracle child. This gifted and talented 20 year old singer was by all intent and purpose not suppose to be here.  Ruth’s mom had her tubes tied and burnt. Her parents made a decision not to have any more children, but God saw differently. Ruth was meant to be here.

 Ruth states, she remembers singing since the age of two. Her pure and angelic voice separates her from many up and coming artists. However the maturity in her voice instantly draws comparisons to other gospel trailblazers.  Ruth started honing her craft at a young age and by eight years old, she was the opening act for the legendary, Helen Baylor.  She also led worship in her grandmother’s church, but for a season Ruth did not know if she wanted to pursue music as a career. Well something clicked and at the age of 17, Ruth went to her father and said, “I’m ready” Also during this time, Ruth shared credit with Teen Pure N Heart for winning the 2010 Stellar Gospel Music Award for Best Children’s Performance for her lead vocals on Where Would I Be.

 Ruth’s perseverance and gift has made room for her and the recently signed Tyscot artist is ready to make her mark in the Gospel industry. Ruth’s Fall 2013 CD release, So Good is a testimony of her young miracle life as well as an inspiration to the world.  Ruth and producer Buddy Fann are establishing themselves as a musical force who are making remarkable music. Their production chemistry has birthed such notable tracks as ‘I’m in love with this Man’, ‘Speechless’ and her lead single, ‘Count it All Joy.’ This rich traditional gospel song showcases her powerhouse vocals as she effortlessly belts ‘count it all joy’ no matter what life brings you.

 Furthermore, Ruth encourages others not to ever give up on their dreams. She credits her faith and her willingness to stay focus as the reasons why she too is also living her dreams.  Ruth may be a new artist on the rise, but her humbleness and fresh look on life will keep her in the Gospel industry for a long time.

Listen to music from Ruth La’Ontra: