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Buying mom a gift for Mother’s Day?

From our Light listening MOM’s ….

Here’s what to GET:

1. SPA treatment/facial (relaxation)
2. Trip
3.  Jewlery
4. Clothing
5.  Flowers

Here’s what NOT to get:

1. Leave the basketball hoops and flat-screen TVs at the store.
2. Vacuum cleaners . Unless she specifically asks for one.
3. Frying pan, deep fryers… power tools
4. Any cleaning supplies.
5. Pajamas, socks 
6. No weight loss pills. Really? 
7. Clothing that’s too small!
8. Home decorations that you like.
9. No plants or pets. …unless you’re going to feed them or take care of them
10.  Nothing. Not even a card.  Get her something even if it’s just a 99cent card.

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