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Dear K Michelle:

You have been on my heart for a while now. So many things I want to say to you as a fan and a soror. I am going to explain a few things in detail, but if you don’t remember anything I say, please remember this:

God has given you a second chance to touch lives doing what you love – making music. You have a gift and a national platform that can be used to inspire women. Please don’t allow your anger to overshadow your talent or keep you from what God has for you.

I am not here to judge you. I am 1000% on #teamKMichelle.

I am a fan. I have been a fan since the day I heard you on my local radio station promoting “I Just Can’t Do This.” I didn’t hear the entire interview, but what I heard made me like K Michelle the person and I absolutely loved the song. After that single I didn’t really hear much else from you musically, but I do remember hearing rumblings about some label issues and then a domestic violence accusation. Having been around the industry for a while I took it all with a grain of salt and kept it moving. It didn’t change my opinion about you or your music.

Fast forward to the debut of Love and Hip Hop ATL. I saw you were going to be on the show and I was ecstatic. I was ready to hear more music from you. I knew that you being on the show meant we could expect to see you get back on track.

The second time is a charm. Sure enough you brought that fiyah the first show with “Bury My Heart.” Then you peeled back the curtain and gave us a peek inside of K Michelle the person. Again, I liked what I saw – a real sista trying to overcome obstacles. You gave us all of you – unfiltered, raw, passionate and filled with emotion. It’s that type of honesty that builds loyal fans.

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The drama is bigger than the music. As the season went on what we started to see – and talk about – each week was not K Michelle’s music. We started to remember those distant rumblings from the past and started to think – maybe K Michelle really is crazy. A tragedy if you ask me because you released a mixed tape in all the madness that is hotter than a California wildfire, but no one seems to be talking about that. Instead they are asking if your constant jabs at Toya Wright are warranted. They are wondering why you are beefing with Tamar and why you are always talking about jumping gates.

It’s all starting to become exhausting … exhausting enough to have people consider writing you off for a second time. This time will be more tragic because there are millions of people witnessing your breakdown.

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I am sympathetic with your struggle. I have been in a place that looks very similar to where you are now. I haven’t been there just once; I’ve been there several times. So, I am sympathetic. I feel you each time you speak. I know that there is a message in the madness. And because there is a message in the madness, we need you.

I am a recovering hot head who wants to offer the following out of love:

  • Pull back off the emotion. When we react in an emotional state we are usually regretful at the end of it. We say and do things that we wish we could take back.
  • Stop responding to every negative thing people say. Sometimes the best response is silence.
  • Focus on your music and helping other women get through their situation by telling your story. The domestic violence PSA is a start – and a good one. There is so much more for you to do.
  • Remember God has your back. Follow His Word and know that He is always there. When you feel your head spinning – recite scripture, call on His name and pray. Here are a few scriptures for you to consider: James 1:19-27; Romans 12: 19; and Proverbs 21:23.

Keep your head up. Shake these haters off and don’t let your anger keep you from realizing God’s plan for your life.

Your Fan and Soror,

Mizz Bea

P.S. Jack is my best friend too! And apparently he’s been a friend to others as well.