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On behalf of the Pleasant Grove Youth Sunday School Class:

“He is down to earth.  He is non-judgmental. We can talk to Him about anything. He is concerned about the welfare of everyone in our church family and he strives to have a personal relationship with each of us. His wisdom has inspired us; his messages are uplifting and he empowers us to know and believe that we can do All things in Christ Jesus. .  As youth, we feel equal.  In the past, we felt we had to be silent, we now have a voice. We are proud to say that He is Our Pastor.”

Rev. Asa L. Bell, Jr., is the pastor of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Wendell, North Carolina. When Pastor Bell came to us, we were a broken vessel.  We were on the mends; but were not united as one body in Christ.  God knew what we needed. We prayed and God answered our prayers with this anointed man of God.

Pastor Bell continuously reinforces the power and importance of teaching the word of God and the power of prayer. Through his constant teaching, we plant God’s word in our hearts.  For we know that it is the foundation to receiving all that God has planned and promised for us.  He is a pastor that recognizes the scars of our past and has diplomatically led us and gently moves us forward to do God’s work as a church family. Under His leadership our church and community continue to press toward the mark of a higher calling in Christ Jesus.

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