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Last night Elev8  live tweeted  during the Mary Mary reality Tv show on WeTv and enjoyed yet another great lesson from Erica and Tina. It should be noted the ladies will be coming back for a second season.

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Erica and Tina’s bickering came to head last night. We actually saw that one argument too many left both women feeling stressed, unloved and unwanted. Tina facing the fact of her tendency to have everything perfect and Erica wanting Tina to be more like her added fuel to the fire. In n a sit down to confide to her mother that she was feeling like a complete failure, Tina revealed that it may be time for therapy.  Her mother doing what most mothers do assured her that she was a good mother, sister and wife , but was too hard on herself. Tina realizing that she was passing this on to her daughter faced a true moment of truth.

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Meanwhile Warryn is left to work on tracks in the study that would allow them to have a great album submission to Sony while the ladies worked out their differences. He realized that if Erica and Tina didn’t talk there may not be a Mary Mary. Finally both women  realizing that this could be the end of the group, they opted to go to therapy.  In therapy  they were advised that it might be necessary for them to communicate and visit where they came  from.

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Tina and Erica left the office and headed back to the old neighborhood they were from realizing that they had come from  hard times to great times. This allowed them to embrace each other and celebrate ay Tina’s baby shower.

This  week’s episode’s lesson is that if you do not communicate and listen you will miss out on the best of others. It is a skill that one must always practice. You must also be willing to listen. Listening to the the person strengthens the bond that you have.  Erica realized that Tina loved her and wanted to work but may not work the same or respond the same. Tina realized that her need for perfection translates to her being seen as bossy and demanding. It was a time for growth!

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