My Pastor is a holy ghost filled, fire baptized, man of GOD! I never wanted to be stationed at Fort Bragg but after joining the Temple in Jan 06, my spirit has been overly fed. Our Pastor is not concerned with the number of people that join, but with the souls that are saved. The Temple is a bible teaching church and my soul has truly been revived under Pastor Thompson leadership.

He delivers the word with clarity and honesty. He leads by example and I am blessed to be apart of Simon Temple. He is an Awesome Man of God , who is real and teaches by the bible. He goes above and beyond to let the believers and unbelievers know that there’s a better way of life and if you just trust in Jesus he will lead you to everlasting life.

Pastor Thompson is an excellent Man of God preaching the gospel to all who will listen and ask what must I do to be saved. His style of preaching won many souls into the christian fold expanding ministries beyound the church walls. His acclaims are fastly reaching many in this nation and overseas because of his close connections with military families and his position as presiding elder over the St Croix, Virgin Island district. Pastor Thompson labor tirelessly to touch those who are out of the ark of safety and needing more that what this world has to offer.