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Join me weekdays for fun bible trivia with “How Well Do You Know Your Bible?”

This week’s theme is Bible Places

Monday 4/16/12

What is the  Biblical name for the garden that God planted for Adam and Eve to live in just after teh creation?  (Genesis 2:8)

* Eden

Tuesday  4/17/12

In Biblical times, can you name the land in which God confused the languanges of the people and scattered them across the earth?  (Genesis 11:1-9)

* Babel

Wednesday 4/18/12

A city in Moab, where David went to ask the King of Moab to protect his parent while he went to battle King Saul.  Can you name this Biblical place?  (1 Samuel 22:3-4)

* Mizpah

Thursday 4/19/10

This Galilean village was where Jesus performed his first miracle.  Can you name this village?  (John 2:1-9)

* Cana