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Nefertiti: So, Bobby DeBarge Jr. what/who are your motivators that inspire you to pursue music?

Bobby:My mom . I want to make a better life for her.

My mom became a single parent after my father passed away, so I want to make a better life for her as my music career continues to expand.

Nefertiti: What would you like people to know about you ,that they might not know about you?

Bobby: I guess the biggest misconception is that I grew up with a lot of money, but that really was not the case. My mother made sure we grew up normal like everyone else.

Nefertiti : Do you love the Lord?,Would you consider yourself religious?

Bobby: Of course, I have written music inspired by God and Love.

Bobby does plan to make a gospel record in the future.His song “For You” was written by him and shows his deep spirituality through the melody and lyrics. This is a song for everyone.

Thank you Bobby DeBarge Jr. Let’s keep Bobby in our prayers ,as he continues to pursue his music career.