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Via: News14.Com

Starting Thursday, people in North Carolina will have to abide by more than 30 new laws.

Lawmakers logged long hours at the General Assembly to put this long list of nearly three dozen new laws into action. Some laws are designed to make rules on the road tighter for drivers, while other new laws crack down on sex offenders.

Perhaps the one that’s caught many eyes is Ethen’s Law, which Gov. Perdue signed last spring. The law aims to punish anyone who causes the death or injury of an unborn child or attacks or kill a pregnant woman. The law is named for the unborn son of Raleigh woman, Jenna Neilsen, who was murdered in 2007.

Those who break the law face a new count of murder, manslaughter, and assault and battery for unborn children.

Another law makes it a crime for drivers to flee from authorities to elude arrest. Those who break the run and you’re done law will have their car seized and sold.