“As soon as this Casey lady’s trial is over, I’m going to be the next thing on the news.”  Read what else….

At the beginning of the clip, Zachary Tims seems encouraging for a split second and even laughs before he states the next shocking words. He told a story about how he was going through a storm and was speaking with a counselor about it. (We are assuming he was speaking of the scandal and the divorce he went through with his wife, Riva Tims).

He stated things were never going to end and he didn’t know how he was going to make it or get through it. This is followed up by him saying he’s being attacked in the media, and sadly goes on to state what he admits was a ‘stupid’ thought:

“As soon as this Casey lady’s trial is over, I’m going to be the next thing on the news”.

He  says “its been three and a half years since the Casey Anthony trial has not only dominated the Florida and Orlando area but its consumed us for just that long.” It’s ironic that Pastor Zach would state this only five days before his death. It sounds like  this is during the time of his counseling sessions. He felt despair and didn’t know how to overcome it. Now, it’s 3 years or so later after the dram of Casey Anthony  and the weight of pastoring his flock has come full circle and he mentions that he will soon be in the newspapers.  This  is all said less than one week before his actual death.

Was he stating he was still in despair and not knowing how to overcome it? Did he actually predict his death with words that may have shown us he still could not cope?

 A Toast To Wealth  pointed this out. Now, that we are still waiting for the Medical Examiner’s report, one must really contemplate why Pastor Zach was left alone.


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