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Praying for friendships is one the most important things we can do in life. Without true friends we are bound in a world of loneliness missing God’s love in simple things. When we are children it mattered greatky whether someone liked us. We based our world on the people who did and did not like us.

As we aged we placed the value on the titles of best man and maid of honor. Sometimes we made our friends Godparents to our children. We chose these people based on what we held true about them.

It is only through true friendships  with long lasting relationships that become cemented. It is the recognition that someone, somewhere knows, loves, encourages and supports you that makes life’s disappointments bearable.

You have blessed us, O God,

with the gift of friendship,

the bonding of persons

in a circle of love.

We thank you for such a blessing:

for friends who love us,

who share our sorrows,

who laugh with us in celebration,

who bear our pain,

who need us as we need them,

who weep as we weep,

who hold us when words fail,

and who give us the freedom

to be ourselves.

Bless our friends with health,

wholeness, life, and love.


The laughs, the smiles, the tears and the kind words of another human being are the things that make our lives full and joyful. It is the connections we build that create the chain link of life.

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