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As an African – American you maybe a diabetic and if not you probably know someone who is… Here are 9 foods a diabetic should eat.

 The most important choice a diabetic can make in their life if the food they eat. Diabetics should be careful to consumer foods that are whole, low in sugar, sodium & fat and that are preferably not processed.

1.     Oatmeal   –  Good Carb

2.    Almonds  –  Protein rich and high in fiber.  Helps regulate your blood sugar

3.    Vegetables  –  Will lower your intake of simple carbs and saturated fat.

4.    Beans   –  Dietary fiber; can keep blood sugar from spiking.

5.    Fruit  –  Great alternative to artifical sugar, but eat in moderation

6.    Fish  –   Omega 3s can improve good cholesterol (HDL) levels

7.    Lean Chicken –   eat instead of red meats to cut fat, calories and cholesterol.

8.    Garlic  –   Linked to loweing blood sugar levels

9.    Olive Oil  –  Skip butter, use olive oil to lead up on good fats.



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