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Before you start school in the fall, you will have to know great study techniques. These include using a lot of repetition; studying in a comfortable atmosphere; taking frequent breaks from reading; focusing heavily on the summaries and captions in your textbooks; studying intensively at night before a big test; and thinking critically while going over your material. Below is a list of things that will help you get prepared and succeed:

* Always be on time to class. The teachers are not very tolerant of tardiness.

* It is vital to attend all of your classes. You learn a vast amount of what you need to know for the tests from your teachers; additionally, some professors deduct points from your grade for being absent or late.

* It is imperative to take great notes in class. If you just sit there, you will forget most of what you learn. You will be able to take more notes by abbreviating the words you write down.

* You must have the necessary supplies. These include pencils, pens, a notebook, erasers, folders and the books that are required for your courses.

* It is essential to keep all of your notes and graded papers during the semester. You might need some of this material to study for your final exams.

* You must communicate well with your professors. If you do not understand what is said, ask questions during class or afterwards. If you do not understand some of the material in your textbooks, visit your teachers during their office hours.

* Choosing the right major is important. You should pick one that is in high demand in addition to being something you are passionate about.

* Once you enroll, you should become familiar with the entire campus. This can help prevent you from being late to class on the first day.

Follow these tips to get a jump on college life in 2010!