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If you’re a fan of reading this story is for you. If you were excited when launched an application called Kindle for iPhone in the iTunes App Store, allowing iPhone and iPod Touch owners to read Kindle content on those devices then this news will please you as well. Not to be left out of the fast-growing e-reader and e-book arenas, Borders has announced that it’s begun taking preorders for the Kobo, a $150 e-reader that ties into the upcoming Borders’ e-book store, which is powered by Kobo Inc. The Kobo eReader was revealed several months ago but after a slight delay, the device will ship June 17 and is being billed as an ideal Father’s Day gift.

As the price suggests, the Kobo, which has the same-size 6-inch e-ink display as the $259 Kindle and Nook, is something of a no-frills e-reader with no Wi-Fi or 3G wireless connectivity (and the screen has 8 levels of gray, not 16). However, it does offer a Bluetooth connection for “wirelessly syncing with select smart phones and updating your reading list on the go.” It comes with 1GB of internal memory, and there’s an SD card expansion slot for adding more. (Borders has full tech specs, on its site).

Amazon Kindle is the most popular  eReader platform rendered  for digital media There have been many upgrades since it’s first introduction those devices include the “Kindle”, “Kindle 2”, and “Kindle DX.” I remember seeing Halle Berry’s appearance on the “Tyra Banks Show” and she stated that her Kindle was her one true must have item on the road. Well if an e-reader is good enough for Halle than sign me up.

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