Televangelist Pat Robertson is known to make controversial remarks following major disasters and crisis and is now under fire for something he didn’t say.  You may remember last month he commented on the major earthquake in Haiti saying that is was the consequences of the curse that had befallen the country’s people after a pact that was made to the devil by their founding fathers. 

    Now there is a story circulating on the internet that states Robertson said, God is even angrier with them (the people of Chile) than he is with the people of Haiti.  The network CBN has commented and clarified that such statements are false.  CBN says Pat Robertson made no such comments about the Chilean people making a pact with demons.  The network also noted that Robertson had no ill intension when he made the statement about Haiti and that he has been working to help thousands in Haiti over the last year and was launching a major relief and recovery program to help victims of the quake.

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