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Pastor of The Month - November 2023

Source: User Submission / Tonya Dillion

Every month, Melissa Wade and The Light 103.9 honor a local faith leader for their work on the pulpit and in their community with the Pastor of The Month presentation, sponsored by WellCare!

This month, we’re proud to honor Pastor B. Gail Whitfield, Pastor of Great Faith Baptist Church in Durham. 

Pastor Whitfield was nominated by Tanya D. from Durham. Here’s what she had to say:

She is a powerhouse for the Lord. Dedicated. Purposeful. Approachable. Pastor B. Gail Whitfield.

Pastor Whitfield has joyfully overseen the spiritual lives of parishioners at Great Faith Baptist Church in Durham, NC for over 17 years. Her compassion for God’s people has drawn many souls to our God. People flock to her presence because of the zeal she has to increase the people’s knowledge of the Word. She speaks plainly, truthfully, and with an accuracy that gives a person reason to trust her and depend on a Word from God each and every week. She believes in working within the community for everything from back-to-school drives to family fun nights where family games are played, good food is served, and even better fellowship is shared.

She is blessed by God and loved by her parishioners. Whenever someone in need calls, she is there – no questions asked, whether you belong to her congregation or not. See, it’s not about whether you call Great Faith your church, or even if you go to church at all. She doesn’t bludgeon anyone with what they “should be” doing. She lovingly relates the Word that God has put into her mouth, to speak the thing which that particular individual needs to hear. Not necessarily what they want to hear, but what they need to hear.

Pastor Whitfield’s father was a Pastor for many years, bringing her up in the church from a young age. She started her adult life in the church as a Sunday school teacher and choir member. She became a deacon and eventually an evangelist when she received her calling from the Lord to preach his Word. Pastor Gail, as her congregation affectionately calls her, also has a true passion for bringing women and girls into the ministry.

She developed a group called SWAG (Saved Women, Anointed Girls) which meets regularly for the purpose of learning to lean on each other for support. No subject is off limits. SWAG shows how we all handle life situations (right ways and not so right ways) without judgment or condemnation. It is a safe space to share and share alike.

This child of God is caring, loving, and will give you the shoes off her feet, literally. If you compliment her shoes, she assesses your size and gives you her shoes if at all possible. (Always keeps a spare pair in the car). She opens her home (and heart) to those in need of a connection. Our pastor puts it all on the line for God’s people. Where there’s God, there’s love, where there’s love, there’s hope, and where there’s hope, there’s life.

There have been many who’ve shared Pastor Gail’s vision for a worldwide outreach to God’s people, and Pastor Gail is well on her way to making that a reality for Great Faith. Faith never fails. Finally, Pastor Gail is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. She takes all those roles seriously but with wit, understanding, and yes, tough love when called for. She is a gem to all who know her.

Join us as we celebrate Pastor B. Gail Whitfield, our Pastor of The Month for November 2023!