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Every month, Melissa Wade and The Light 103.9 honor a local faith leader for their work on the pulpit and in their community with the Pastor of The Month presentation, sponsored by WellCare!

This month, we honor Dr. Marshall A. Blackmond, pastor of The Live Church Ministerial Alliance, based in Raleigh. He was nominated by Denesha H. of Raleigh, and she had a lot to say!

Through his multifaceted ministry and passionate dedication to his calling, Dr. Marshall A. Blackmond inspires and encourages others to experience the transformative power of God’s love and grace. Dr. Blackmond is renowned for the remarkable miracles, signs, and wonders that have manifested in his ministry. Many consider him to be an Apostle specially chosen for the present time. His leadership style is innovative and forward-thinking, and he excels in various roles such as counselor, church planter, intercessor, prophet, evangelist, teacher, covering, mentor and Apostle. He is seen as a divine messenger, delivering God’s message to the people.

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Serving as lead servant for The Live Church Ministry Alliance, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, he leads many online and in-person as a Pastor and Apostolic aide to several ministries and leaders in the state and around the world. His personal testimony of experiencing the grace of God has equipped him with a powerful message of inner healing and restoration. Having preached around the world for over 30 years, he has gained wisdom and knowledge to empower and equip many for the kingdom of God. His mandate has availed ministry opportunities in 48 states and 11 countries to date. He carries a specific mandate to rebuild the altars of God, leading people back to Him through fervent prayer and revival. His emphasis on intense prayer and spiritual awakening resonates with those seeking a deeper connection with God.

Check out the full presentation above as we congratulate Dr. Marshall A. Blackmond, our Pastor of the Month for August 2023!